National Zoo trip, Washington DC

I briefly mentioned in a past post that we recently got to go to the DC zoo! It was a beautiful day, although a hot one too and that makes for hiding animals that are keeping cool out of sight. We did get to see some great animals though and the kids got to stand right next to a beautiful peacock that enjoyed his doting fans.

The lions were out too…

Look at those paws! There were about 6 or 7 lioness there that we saw, and three lions. We love big cats!

The kids were able to stop for a lesson on bird feathers and eggs as well, I loved watching them interact and show their excitement as the animal lovers that they are.

Here they are “unzipping and zipping” a feather that was dark on one side and colored on the other. God is an awesome designer.

Here is the dark side of the feather….

and then the colorful flip side! …

It was a hot day and we were definately tired by the end of it. I have to say my favorite parts were my oldest and I seeing flamingo’s fight, and the big cats.

There is also a building called the think tank that houses many brains! It was fun to see the different sizes of brains… but I still like the living animals better. 😉

If you go…

1. Take plenty of water, it’s a lot of walking and somewhat hilly.

2. Print a map before your trip, they charge $2 for a map there.

3. Check online or call ahead if there is something specific you want to see, they are doing a lot of construction and many exhibits were closed in our visit because of it.