This is a static page, all posts concerning our homeschool can be looked up by the category “homeschool” in the sidebar.

We have chosen as a family to homeschool, and have done so from the start. None of our children have attended public or private school with the exception being the speech therapy 2 have received from some great speech therapists!

Our curriculum has changed many times over the years as we grow in our confidence to learn freely at home and seek out what works best with our learning and teaching styles.

This year we started with one curriculum with great expectations and within about 3 months switched almost every piece of our package!

What we are using:

Sonlight Core D for my 4th grade son (my 6 year old son also listens in on all the reading times!) We are only using the Core for the History and reading programs involved.

English is currently Bob Jones press

Math switched to Teaching Textbooks and is is going wonderfully!

Science remains Answers in Genesis, we are in the Our Weather and Water book this session.

Our kindergarten student uses Abeka’s number skills and writing with phonics as well as a basic comprehensive k5 book and Explode the Code for phonics/reading/writing.

For preschool it’s a LOT of play! I have horizons preschool program but am not forcefully going through it and we are focusing on keeping learning fun. 🙂

I will be posting ideas we have tried and found helpful and experiments we are playing with in science, and other random thoughts along the way.

We LOVE homeschooling and the adventures it has brought us over the years. This year my students are in 4th grade, kindergarten, preschool, and toddler time!

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