Yard Sale Prepping

Ugh, having not had a yard sale in about 3 years or so and getting ready for this one on Saturday reminds me to make a mental note… don’t let things go so long again!

My husband and I have stopped parking in the garage starting today so that things are easier to get to the lawn on Saturday morning, here is what our first loads into the garage look like:

We’re not¬†done, still have about 6 loads from the basement to bring up and I need to finish going through more toys and then price everything!¬†We’ve discussed the pricing on the big items and I will decide the rest.

I have enjoyed getting ready for¬†this sale in some regards. It’s made me look at everything we have and in doing so I have been able to detach myself from things the kids have outgrown, I have found a whole new stock of clothing¬†for our youngest for right now¬†just entering her 2T¬†outfits, and even got to organize clothing for her up to¬†4-5T! I¬†was also able to organize a bin for our¬†second son to grow into. I think his brother must have skipped his current and next size though because¬†there just weren’t any there!¬† (wouldn’t surprise me at all since our oldest has grown another inch in the last 2 months!)

I am SO looking forward to seeing all this leave our home, it won’t come back in, what doesn’t sell will be donated.

We also got¬†all our signage today… I’m being a bit of a cheapo and not paying for advertisement in the paper because I’m part of our¬†village annual sale and already listed on their map so the¬†traffic should be great anyway.¬†I may put something on¬†Craigslist so people know about some of our bigger items.

Are you purging any this year? It’s a daunting thing to go through all our possessions and put them out for others to pick through and haggle us for, but it is needed in every home and much more often than every three years! ūüôā

Unloading baggage.

I’m having a yard sale next weekend! I think I’ve only ever had one before and that was at least 3 years ago. We’ve moved 3 times since then!

I’ve been working for months on sorting through boxes and have probably almost cut our stored boxes in half. I bet if I went through them again I could find a few more things, but I was pretty strict with myself in what could stay. Today I brought down 6 medium boxes of old kids clothes and a BIG box (like small garment size) of toys from upstairs and found a whole tub of clothes that our youngest can wear right now! Yay! She’s super excited that some of the shirts have kitties on them. ūüôā

We’ll be selling two desks, lots of toys and clothing, maybe some carpet remnants, cappuccino machine, and so many more things I can’t even remember at the moment! It’s going to be a lot less to have to ever unpack again, load or unload from another moving truck, or wonder if we should keep it for that “one day” that we remember why we should have. Ha!

I gave myself a small paper ream box to keep aside any of the kids clothes I just can’t bear to part with yet, I have ideas for them, or the sentiment is still just too strong. I think it’s important to be realistic and not expect all feelings to be able to be turned off when looking through boxes.

Now, the pricing will start this weekend I guess. I was thinking about most of the clothes being $1.00, except onesies and such. Have you had a yard sale? Any tips for me?

I have read that I should have things on tables and not on the ground, I agree it makes it easier to look through, but this is a lot of stuff. Should I take my kitchen table out for putting piles on? I have a small folding table but the kids really want to try to sell lemonade or cookies and would need that if so.

Should I have each piece of clothing priced or just say it’s so much unless otherwise marked?

Oh, I guess it’s safe to say this part… this is now a moving sale for us! We have been given permission by the big wigs in this¬†area to transfer to Florida, we don’t know the exact location or timing yet, but we are excited to see what God does.


Hi there! Just wanted to make sure you know you are a wonderful mom. You are!
How do I know that when I can’t see you all the time? Because if you are a mom it is because God trusted you enough to delight your heart with a child and that means you are wonderful.
No matter what, and sometimes I need this reminder more than I think I should, as a mom you are an integral part of His purpose and plan for those little people in your life. It’s a lot of responsibility and sometimes I’d rather turn away from it, but it is always worth it to stand in the hard times and be rewarded in the end with little arms around your neck and loving snuggles too.
Yes, I can handle a tantrum (even mine), because God made me their mommy and in doing so gave me everything I need to make it. Including the wisdom to know when to have them spend some quiet time in their rooms so I can spend some quiet time on my knees talking to Him about them.
I pray you have a great mothers day this Sunday. I am giving myself the weekend off from the blog world… unless I find something special you might enjoy. ūüôā
Happy Mothers Day you WONDERFUL mom you!

I leave you with a picture of my four blessings playing with a frog last summer… ūüôā



Taste of Home book sale

This is a fun sale, Taste of Home has many delicious recipes, but did you know they have more books than just cook books?

Check out the sale they have going on now. It’s $5 a book and free shipping on orders of $25. These could make some great Christmas gifts or wedding gifts to have on hand.

You need to use code LS114.
$5 Book Sale now through May 7th. Supplies Limited! For additional savings use code: LS114 for free shipping on orders over $ 25!

Have fun!

Mt. Vernon, VA

We went to visit George Washington’s place! It’s sad how many people don’t know that Mt. Vernon is his home and say it’s Thomas Jefferson’s!

I have fun memories of playing in the mansion front yard with school friends and was amazed that I really remembered nothing else about the place except the way the front looked, playing in the yard, and the gift shop! Ha!

What a day! I would recommend¬†finding a hotel and making this a two-day event, simply because there is SO much to take in!¬† We did it in one day, but the kids really didn’t pay attention to the museum¬†as much as I would have liked. It’s a more¬†recent part of the experience and excellently done! It starts with how we are¬†trying to use science for facial mapping of George Washington, did you know that we don’t actually know exactly what he looked like? He moved somewhere around 7 times before he was 12 and I got a kick out of that since we have moved 13 times in 12 years.¬† (No pictures are allowed to be taken in the museum or mansion, sorry!)

We saw the ration of clothing that the slaves received for the year and were amazed, learned about his fishing adventures, gardening, and his life and death in the mansion. He was a loved president with great vision for the country, without political party cares. The people wanted him to be our King, but in his wisdom he saw that this was only going to lead back to the lifestyle they left in England and did not accept. Thank you Mr. Washington!

The mansion is undergoing renovations and the front was covered completely for the work being done so that was a bummer, but the kids found a bush to play in and had a great time!

We went down by the river and enjoyed the breeze and the view of the gardens.

The kids enjoyed seeing the animals too, they had new baby piglets that were fun to see too!

Mt. Vernon has a quest for kids¬†map that while going through the property the children are to take note and look for¬†answers, when they turn it in at the gift shop they got a souvenier smashed penny of Mt. Vernon… we happen to collect those so that was great!

George Washington died quickly in his own bedroom and the custom then was for the widow to move to another room of the house at her husbands passing and shut their bedroom door for good. So sad! Martha went upstairs to an attic bedroom and people said she never had the same spark about her. She died not long after George of what seems to have been a broken heart. Poor Martha! I definitely did not remember or know that part of their story.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about Mt. Vernon and I encourage you to make it a family day or field trip sometime soon, they encouraged us to come back for their Christmas festivities, I bet it would be beautiful!! Although I think the flowers in the spring and summer are worth the trip too. ūüôā

Singing Songs Helps Me Along!

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE singing about everything. I usually have a song in my head, maybe it’s published, maybe it’s just my randomness. ūüôā

My children think it’s hilarious that I sing their chores to them, or sing song ask them to brush and tickle their teeth. I may use the music from Les Mis, Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music, random 90’s songs, hymns and my own creations.

I love music, and life for a while there, got so busy that I missed what seems like years of music. I only purposely listen to Christian music now, but still have the memories of many songs before I made the decision to only listen to music that would encourage my heart and not offend my guardian angel. ūüėČ

Singing lightens my load and keeps me stable, deepens my worship and quiet time with God, and makes me smile.

Some of my favorite memories are shaped around music, one with my oldest son would be one time when my husband and I picked him up from childrens church and he was crying. We have seen that before because of his speech delays and others not being very generous of heart with patience for him to get his words out. We expectantly asked him what was wrong, only to be surprised by the answer. He answered… “I got so filled with Jesus in that song that I just cried!”. Wow. I know how he feels, I often get choked up in church at a worship song that hits my heartstrings and the power of corporate worship in general. It is beautiful to hear a crowd sing praises.

May your heart be full of music and thanksgiving.

Colossians 3:16

Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts

Our version of the Homeschool Workboxes

I have some friends that use workboxes in their homeschool rooms for their days to go smoothly and the kids to know exactly what is expected from that day.

The amount of time it all takes is really up to the student’s heart to do the work and do it with their best effort the first time.

I LOVE the idea of workboxes but just couldn’t justify the cost and space of the system in it’s original plan. I actually have the room in our current home to set up a nice drawer system for the kids but again, the cost comes into play, and the reality that this isn’t a forever home and the next one¬†may be smaller sets in.

So what to do? I still felt like I needed something for both myself and the kids to know exactly what was on board to be done that day, and not just in a list form, but out and ready as much as possible so that they each have a personal responsibility in getting things done, even if our “baby” of the family is having a tough or cuddle kind of day that keeps mom busy elsewhere.

My solution was using some of what we have on hand and spending $17 on pocket packs at Target! (I believe I started with 13) They are file pockets that velcro shut and have hole punches to keep easily in a notebook. I am so very thankful I found these and never would have thought of them on my own!

Our kids each have a different color in their notebook and chose the paper for the cover, I had some $1 sticker sheets from a long time ago left over so we used those for the names.

Our oldest son’s¬†independent work station. His notebook is on the top shelf and each child has a black bin at their space, the top bin is where they put the finished work. (although if you¬†don’t already have these bins,¬†they can always put the completed work in the notebook pocket.

We each have a notebook (except the almost 2 year old), and the kids do very well with this system and have enjoyed knowing how close they are to being done for the day.

I have a notebook labeled family time, as much of our study is done all together, like History, Science, Bible, and Reading/phonics.

I can fit their smaller books in the folders, sometimes it may just have a sheet of paper saying… “play monopoly” or something randomly fun like that.

This system gives me the ability to spend a short amount of time each day or evening restocking their notebooks and mine for the next day and double checking my planner to make sure I have it all in where I should. I have learned many times over the years that I tend to overestimate how much work they can handle or we will have time to get done, so these notebooks have been helpful in keeping me in check with reality, especially if it’s experiment day!

The kiddos hard at work, our daughter was on her least favorite task and actually tried to hide it in the pile of completed papers! ha!

Yes, 2 of them are in their pj’s, it’s one of their fav perks about homeschooling!

Hope I’ve inspired some that have been looking for a way to be more structured yet still having all the fun stuffed in too!


“To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success.” ~ Henry J. Heinz

I just recently heard the titled quote for the first time. That I recall at least.

I was¬†struck at¬†the simplicity of that statement, how true, and¬†simultaneously very broad in scope. He used that inspiration to build his millions. As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, homemaker, homeschool teacher, friend, and the many other roles I play in life I can run a parallel. It is the times when I don’t dwell on the simplicity of the tasks at hand rather dwell on the excellence at which they are done that I can point to success in any of those roles.

Life can so often feel as though it’s tedious, always waiting for the next big celebration or event and missing the common, everyday blessings that face us. As time goes by we look back and sometimes long to go back, whether to enjoy it more, do something different, or just escape. My children have taught me to savor their moments because each day matures them toward the day they will be ready to step out on their own.

So, what does this have to do with Henry Heinz? His family was very important to him, and while I am sure he made mistakes and sometimes chose business over family, it seems that he uncommonly left behind a strong family desiring to carry on the family traditions of excellence in business and life.

How much more should I,¬†a child of God, strive to leave a legacy with my children, and perhaps anyone that my life is allowed to touch. I am by no means an expert home keeper, organizer, cook, planner, teacher, mother… you get the point. I give in to the prodding of my Author, reluctantly I come to the blogging world. As I ask God, “what would I have to share that others could possibly gain from or care about? and I believe His answer came quietly with “what’s in your hand”.

So, there it is, my purpose for this blog: To inspire others and myself to do the common things of life uncommonly well.

Philippians 2:13-16 (NIV)

for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose. Do everything without complaining or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life – in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing.