I finished a book!

I know, it doesn’t sound like a big deal for most, but for me, reading an entire book within a timeframe that I can actually remember the start when I finish is a big deal these days! I read Indescribable, by Loiue Giglio and Matt Redman. I loved it! It was a fairly easy read and a more avid reader than myself probably could read through it in a few days. I loved the science and the credit given to our great Creator for every cosmic event and well, everything. I loved how my God was shown to be so awesome of a creator in this book, how the Bible speaks to us about stars and we have found through exploration that the statements made about them in the Bible are true!

If you love to see how intimate our God is and how powerful His love and how wide is His omnipresence, I highly recommend this book. I’m in awe once again that a God so big and powerful to breathe stars into existence also created me, and loves me so much that He removed Himself from His Heavenly home and came to make the ultimate sacrifice for my soul, and yours. This fully God, fully man savior named Jesus who died on the cross laid dead in a grave for 3 days and then rose again to defeat sin in all of our lives, humbled Himself greatly because of His awesome love for us. THAT is something to be truly thankful for this season and always.

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