Amazon deals

This season as you are shopping, I am putting out a shameless plug and asking if you wouldn’t mind coming to my site first and clicking through to amazon with me. I would get a referral fee for any purchases made in click-throughs on my site, just in full disclosure.

I will try to keep an eye out for good grabs and of course share my finds with you. No, my site isn’t going to turn into a product bonanza blog, however, there will be more along that line for this busy season when shopping just naturally happens… and even if it’s not for Christmas, I have a feeling that this holiday season retailers are going to be offering some great savings for us. 🙂

This is a blu-ray, dvd, and digital copy set for $9.99! The basic dvd is only $5.99 if blu-ray isn’t your game. 🙂 This is a family favorite for us!

Here is a personal confession: this next movie is one of the two movies that my husband and I watch regularly when it’s been a rough day and we just need to relax. It’s on Blu-ray right now for only $8.99!

And… here is the other of our “go to” flicks (don’t judge!)
Mr. Deeds! Only $4.98 right now! woohoo!

That’s it for now… can you tell I love movies! Do you?
If there is something you’d like help keeping an eye out for let me know and I’ll do my best hunting with/for you!

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