writers blur

I haven’t blogged for about a month and a half! I wouldn’t really say it was due to writers block though, there is plenty to say and write about! I’ve been in a bit of a blur since we started up school again.

A blur of curriculum tweaks and the daily discipline that it takes to make sure that our children are both educated and growing in wisdom. (those are two separate things by the way)

A blur of being the new coordinator for our church’s MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group! I love MOPS and have been involved with 6 groups in the last 8 years. I love the community that these groups give to me, mops.org is always one of the first sites I visited for each of our 13 moves, it’s an important part of a mom’s life to have that support system close and in REAL life, not just Facebook. 🙂 I almost started a group in GA, but God moved us, and I have been praying for a ministry, a way to feel that my love of Christ can be reflected to others. I love that God answered my prayers and allowed me to step up to coordinate our group this year and He has given me such a wonderful leadership team to support this ministry being all to the glory of God! I don’t have a childcare director yet for our MOPPETS ministry so I have also been working on recruiting workers, and planning each meetings program for the little ones. It’s really not difficult since I already have and have had so many little ones of my own, kids just need to be kept busy and in small spurts of time. It is a time taker though and has challenged my homeschool efforts at times, I pray God will keep tapping on hearts and that someone will come alongside to direct these little one’s, but in the mean time, I’m blessed (really, I am!) to be able to help show these little ones a little bit of Jesus’ love for them two Tuesdays a month! (that photo above is our theme this year, and I LOVE it!)

A blur of field trips! I actually missed an event this morning because I was not showered, dressed, or ready and only remembered it after it had been going for 6 minutes… my kids said… “Oh well!” I loved that they weren’t upset at just staying home. That is probably due to all the trips into town on behalf of MOPS, our new Sunday evening program at church, and we’ve already done multiple field trips this year! It certainly is an exciting blur and I will be posting about those trips in upcoming days. Yay!

A blur of unexpected ministry… I am the Bible teacher for our 3 to 5-year-old children on Sunday evenings for our new Word of Life Gopher Buddies Club. Honestly, I am kind of a Jonah with this age group and try to run and hide if I know someone is going to ask me to be with them. (Due to my own 5-year-old being such a strong-willed child and really wearing on me!) I’ve been praying for a way to have a better relationship with said child though and honestly believe this is why God had me placed there. I love it! It brings me back to days of quick set-up children’s programs on NYC streets. I was sick this past week so missed out, but am ready to hop back in there!

A blur of Tuesdays! Ha! This has to do with MOPS since that meets on 2 Tuesdays a month, plus a leadership meeting on the first Tuesday, but in addition to that, I am involved with a Titus 2 women’s mentor/Bible study. It makes Tuesdays a mandatory nap day for me and my two-year old since we are running from early morning and come home around 9pm from the study. I’ve never seen such a diverse group of women in a study and I am enjoying it so far, even if it wasn’t completely what I expected.

A blur of work, my husbands work that is, he’s been super busy there lately with new projects happening and deadlines and visits from bosses. This is what wears my knees out… much prayer daily for his strength, courage, safety, time, and job stability.

Of course there are also the usual and non-stop blurs of keeping a home… laundry, dishes, meals, groceries, planning, diapers, bedtimes, appointments, bills to pay… I’m sure I missed something. 🙂

I’m so thankful I have such a wonderful family and excellent husband to take this sometimes blurry journey with! Even as I write this though, my heart reminds me that while life seems a blur at times, it is SO important, crucial really, that my FOCUS remains on God so that my actions may bring Him glory. Daily spending time with Him (God) in His word and in prayer will allow my perspective to be focused on His will for each day.

I’ll be putting it into focus even more the rest of this month with more entries of our happenings.

Have a blessed day!

3 responses

  1. Michele, You are a blessing to my heart. LOL Reading that you have a strong willed child and hearing you say you’d rather not teach that age group is right where I am at. But you are doing a super job. I envy your organization and commitment to teach at home. Love you girl!

  2. Shell, You are such a blessing to me. Just as it has been the past 20 some years…I am always learning from your example. I am tired justreading your blog and wonder how you make time for everything. I have bible study on wed. , a homeschool coop mtg once a month, of course youth group twicw a month, and homeschooling is about all I can handle. Thank you for your transparency, I love you and blessed to count you as a true friend!

  3. You amaze me at how much you do and stay level headed. You are such an encouragment to me to continue homeschooling and I love the fact that you have found a ministry that you love so much. Keep posting, I love to read them!

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