Our camping week

Wow! What a week we had last week camping at Word of Life Campground in Pottersville, NY.

There is something about the adirondack mountains, they are majestic and inspiring and oh so calming to my heart.

This was our home for the week! We set up our site first and then took our son over to the Ranch to get registered.

This was both boys first camp experience. They were SO excited and both loved their week. Our 6 year old was a day camper this year but already expressed his desire to do overnight camp for next summer.

Once registered we hopped on the Ranch train to set up the cabin and meet the bunkmates for the week!

Note to self: take a sheet next year so if it’s so hot again, we can lay on top of the sleeping bags but still have a cover. 🙂

We went on a paddle boat ride on Andrews Pond! It was a short ride, and I have a small fear of non-motorized boats, but wanted the kids to have the opportunity. They liked it, but didn’t LOVE it… thus, the short ride. 😉

Then, the next day we went on a speed boat ride… that was so much more relaxing. 🙂

So much so, that our little one fell asleep!


Nightly story time with Daddy, a definate HIT! We were so thankful he could come with us, originally he couldn’t get the time off, but someone needed to give up their week and so he was able to switch! Yay!

This is our camp counselor for the week, he is a second year student at Word of Life and also raising support to be a missionary to Brazil.

We look forward to knowing him for a long time and supporting and following his ministry.

Our speakers at the campground were phenominal, both first time speakers at Word of Life this summer, and I am very thankful we chose this week. I’ll post more on that though…

Hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at our week, we had lots of fun even though it rained a couple of days!

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