Trip lists…

We have a camping trip coming up and it’s my first time camping since a class camping trip I was on in the 8th grade! Ha!

This time it will be my husband and I and 3 of our children. (ages 6, 4, and 2) Our 10-year-old will be down the road at his first week of overnight summer camp!

We’ll be at Word of Life Family Campground, my husband and I met as students at Word of Life in 1995 and haven’t been back since 1997. We’re looking forward to reminiscing and sharing stories with the kids. Our 13 year wedding anniversary is this month too!

We are trying to make this trip as frugal as possible so I am prepping a few meats and foil wrapping some breakfast burritos and chicken wraps ahead of time to throw on the coals or our over fire grill. I have a list in my head and on paper, but don’t want to be the only one working from the list so I put up small sticky notes up on two cupboard doors: one door has food prep list, the other has house-ready and errand items. We are living in a house that is for sale so it’s important that each time we leave it is show-ready in case the owner needs to bring someone by. (yay)

Some of the things we’ll be working on to prep ahead are marinated chicken and steaks, foil wrapping some ranch red potatoes, breakfast burritos individually foiled and frozen, oatmeal muffins, and a couple of other things. I’ll share as we go along what worked and what we tweaked. I have bottles of water frozen and ready and will be freezing grapes as well. Anything to help keep the cooler cold and feed us well! I am happy to say I don’t even have hot dogs on the list of meals!

We’ve set up the air mattresses we’ll be taking in the basement and have had weighted items on them for a few days to make sure they are hole-free as well! Being prepared with the right items is great, but not if they are defective! Thankfully they are still at the same firmness that we put them up with! Our kids seem to pop anything that can be blown up so this is a wonderful thing!

The littles that will be with us each got a special backpack (we home school so this is a BIG deal) and they will bring some of their favorite items for quiet moments throughout the week.

Any tips you might have feel free to share, if I don’t use them, one of my readers might!

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  1. wow, you’re a brave bunch to try that trip with the kiddies etc., I know how complicated it gets traveling with little ones!! have a great time, cant believe your 13th anniversary is coming up!!

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