If you go to Sea World…

It’s summer and some are planning staycations, but many will brave the roads or the airports and head away for an adventure. If you are heading to Sea World I recommend taking time for one of the behind the scenes tours, you can read more about them here. We took the behind the scenes tour as a family and loved the experience!


We got to go see the tanks where they bring animals to rehabilitate them, which at that time included a blind sea turtle, an abandoned baby manatee, and a few dolphins. This is also where they put some of the dolphins for a “time out” if they start getting too aggressive with the others. 


We also were able to pet small sharks, a very cool experience for all of us. 


They took us by bus/shuttle to each different attraction to go behind and learn more about them, the beluga was another fun stop. No touching here, but we enjoyed it anyway. 


The highlight and last part of the tour for us was the penguin house! We learned here that penguins have no bladder to hold waste so don’t stand behind them! 😉 We all got to pet a penguin and they are SO soft!


Lots of fun memories for all of us. We also LOVE the Pets Ahoy show, some don’t go to this because it’s not sea life, but these pets are so fun to watch! 


Enjoy your vacation where-ever you go or stay! 



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