There’s an app for that…

Noting my choices has made a big difference for me in this past week. I have always tried food journaling on past attempts to regain a healthy weight but end up giving up on that usually after only a couple of days. I found the app Lose It, on my EVO phone and LOVE it!! This is a free app that tracks my calorie intake as easily as selecting from a list foods pre-programmed by them, or by scanning a bar code, or creating my own by entering the serving size, calories, fat, fiber, and protein. I told the app how many pounds I wanted to lose in a week and how much I am currently, as well as my height, and it calculated how many calories I should have each day in order to reach my goals. I can also input exercise with their pre-programmed list of work-outs (including housework!) and the app plugs in how many calories I burnt on that activity. (of course this is an estimate, it doesn’t know if the sun is beating down on me while I’m biking and making me work harder or if the wind is strong, etc…) Overall I highly recommend this app for anyone that knows they need to keep track of their intake better and struggles to keep it all straight. I like that I can look at my day as a whole and see my nutrients for that day and add more protein or fiber in the next day or lower my sodium intake.

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