Through my eyes…

I’m a little unsure of myself on this journey online,  but I have to say,  the pressure is felt and does affect me and my choices. 
Did you read chapter one? 
As with any book,  her social media examples  become more dated and less familiar,  but I do vaguely remember that orange monster trying to get the woman to eat.  I get the picture on my own too though,  night times at home can be a temptation smorgasbord of delights.  The kids are finally down and all I seem to want to do is sit and snack and completely vege out.  I’ve being doing better at either not walking in the kitchen at all,  or talking myself out of the open door to frozen dairy wonders.  😉
I love the look at Eve’s temptation versus Jesus’ temptation and the bottom line being where our sights are set.  Jesus, despite His complete manhood being in need of nourishment and escape from circumstances kept His allegiance and heart set on the Bible and God’s ultimate plan. 
Eve had a garden created flawlessly and with abundance of fruits by a God she was able to daily walk and talk with and yet she still fell to the serpents tempting.  I will fail and succumb the temptation as well, because of that one choice,  over food.  Ironic.  Even more so because I too have to ability to walk and talk with God daily, and sometimes I stand Him up in my attempts to do life my way.  In missing that connection I do believe Lysa’s premise that we are Made to Crave,  and it is indeed God Himself, our creator and king, that we are to crave. 
I’ve found myself craving a craving in life before.  Desiring to be passionate about a cause,  career,  hobby,  or anything!  What I truly need to be passionate about,  even when I’m tired from the day, the cleaning,  ironing,  children, schooling,  shopping,  or even traveling,  is my own cravings to be in a closer walk with God so that I am armed with His word when temptations of eating,  sleeping too much,  or wanting more of nothing come my way I can stand firm as Christ did and be ministered to more because of following Him, than I would be by those instances of pleasure.  Did you notice that part of Jesus’ temptation?  When He gave Satan the final no and vacate demand,  He was then cared for by angels.  God cares about our daily needs, we just need to be more in tune with need vs. desire and trust that He will minister to our needs and even delight in our desires, if our eyes and hearts are first set to crave Him. 
Have a wonderful Sunday! 

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