Baby steps on a long journey

Hello again. It’s been a while since I’ve been back on the computer to let you in on what is going to be happening with our Made To Crave study and walk together.

It took until Monday for me to get my book/workbook delivered and Tuesday I traveled 8 hours with our 4 kiddos to WV. I’m here and in VA for a week, but the study MUST start no matter where I am located, because after all, that is part of life… taking trips and staying healthy at the same time.

I have the workbook, but after getting it and looking through it, we will not be able to maximize its usefulness in our online sisterhood. So much of what is filled in on the pages of that book are for notes from the study DVD session. BUT, it isn’t a waste, there are great “Between the Sessions” daily personal Bible study prompters for us to utilize. It looks like in those daily plans she lays out to cover a chapter every other day. So we’ll stick with that agenda too.

So, I will start with chapter one due Friday (just in case someone still needs the book).

Sunday the 10th we’ll talk about chapter 2.

Tuesday the 12th we’ll talk about chapter 3.

Thursday the 14th we’ll talk about chapter 4….

You get the picture. I’ll post next steps in each chapter chat.

So how are you doing? I’ve lost 3 pounds just since I started talking about this study so I am excited to see where our journey leads.

I enjoy watching Dr. Oz and so I will also be putting helpful hints from him in some of my posts as well.

One that has already helped me is when I am able to I try to eat something high in fiber about 20 minutes before I have a meal so that I feel full faster and am contented on less.

So happy reading to you, grab a notebook and have some heart to heart with yourself on her personal reflections questions at the end as well.

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