Getting Real

I’ll be honest, this is getting real very fast for me and I’m terrified and excited and humbled all in one!

I have a few “sisters” joining me in this journey and I am coming to the realization that this is IT, I have committed myself and am in it to finish! Wow, for a girl who chickens out sometimes at big opportunities this is a bit intimidating. Seems like it’s just what I need though! So, thank you for joining in my journey toward better health and a stronger walk with God.

My e-mail came that my workbook is on its way so in the mean time I am preparing my heart in prayer for the journey ahead.

Here’s some things I have been praying over:

  • Wisdom in my choice of words on the blog posts, that they would all glorify God, be uplifting to others and myself, and most of all always be honest even if it hurts my pride.
  • Grace to follow the path that Made to Crave will lay before me/us.
  • The ability to say no to my stomach and fill my heart instead. (after all, my stomach seems to have a contentment problem, or I suppose my brain tries to tell it so anyway.)
  • For the ladies joining me in the journey to be prepared, ready for blessings, and actively correcting my mis-steps in love.
  • Most of all for a right mindset and uplifting words to my own self. I can beat myself up verbally better than anyone and sometimes I’m downright mean.

If you are gearing up for this journey I encourage you to begin praying for the study and the outcomes now as well. Anyone is welcome,  maybe your scared to say out loud that “you’re in” too, you are welcome to read along and I pray you will feel encouraged, blessed, and maybe even inspired to step out in faith and trust.

This is meant to be a safe blog and any comments that are derogatory or just plain “not nice” will be deleted. (I haven’t had this issue, but just want to make sure all the guidelines are out there)

Can you think of anything I missed that I should be praying for as well?

Have a fabulous Wednesday! The Journey will most likely begin on Monday to enable us to get books/workbooks in hand. I’ll keep you updated.

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