Random me and a Sisterhood proposal

Hi,  if you don’t know this about me,  I’m not sure we’ve had a long conversation yet!… I am random,  I can be in the middle of a conversation about something and forget what I’m talking about because something else came to mind or moved that made me think of something completely different,  some may consider this trait ditzy but I assure you it takes major organization skills to not mix up everything in my head!
Today I started reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart,  the author,  Tripp,  is a speaker at the homeschool convention I’m attending in June and honestly,  I want to see if he’s worth the time and effort to go see.  😉
So far I am enjoying it.
I’ve been listening to two to three audio books lately depending on my mood,  Made to Crave,  Are you Ready,  and an Anita Renfro book.
Weight is an issue I’ve been battling since my second year of marriage.  I made it through three years of college and two years just working before marriage without gaining the freshman 15. So many times I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to hate what I had then…  while it wasn’t perfect it was 64 pounds less than it is now and so much more capable of fun and spontaneity and less painful to be in physically and mentally.
Great, now I’m tearing up.
I want so much for our children and much of that really needs me to be a better example  for them.  I’m not into “diets”,  and never have been.  I’ve always,  even before I gained all this,  followed the calories in,  calories burned mentality and moderation never extreme cut outs that aren’t sustainable. (obviously I gave up on me somewhere along my way… some things people have said to me have contributed to that (including my Dr’s) but that is no excuse)
I am going to go ahead and order the workbook for Made to Crave and work more on all of me inside and out in order to make the outside look how my brain feels.
I have to ask John to confirm my age most of the time because I just can’t believe I’m not twenty something anymore!
I’ve never seen the movie sisterhood of the traveling pants,  but thought (in the shower),  about how I often have such great intentions and then fail to complete my task,  that maybe I’m not the only one,  maybe I need to ask for support and the dreaded accountability word,  maybe you do to?
If you would like to join me in a “sisterhood of the shrinking pants” journey with the Made to Crave book as a guide to support our hearts intents for our well-being,  I’d love company!  I’ll  have to decide on how many days a week to cover each chapter and discuss but I wanted to throw it out there.
Of course its my posts and comments will always be up to each shrinking pants sister,  but why not use a Biblical approach to restore health together?
So let me know if you’re in and if you already have the book,  need the book,  would love the book but can’t afford the journey,  or are ordering asap to be a part of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants!
I will never ask you to share your weight,  just your thoughts,  struggles,  victories, or heart.

I just ordered mine from christianbook.com, even though I am an affiliate with Amazon.com. Christianbook has them beat on the price by about $2.oo and I’m more about the savings than linking.

5 responses

  1. Just requested it from the library system. I’ve checked it out a couple of times before but have never made it all the way through. I could use some accountability so I’m in. Let me know the plan. I’m proud of you for making this step 🙂

  2. Yay! Thanks so much Sonja and I’m proud of you too…here we go! I’ll put the plan out by the end of the week at the latest.

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