Yard Sale Prepping

Ugh, having not had a yard sale in about 3 years or so and getting ready for this one on Saturday reminds me to make a mental note… don’t let things go so long again!

My husband and I have stopped parking in the garage starting today so that things are easier to get to the lawn on Saturday morning, here is what our first loads into the garage look like:

We’re not done, still have about 6 loads from the basement to bring up and I need to finish going through more toys and then price everything! We’ve discussed the pricing on the big items and I will decide the rest.

I have enjoyed getting ready for this sale in some regards. It’s made me look at everything we have and in doing so I have been able to detach myself from things the kids have outgrown, I have found a whole new stock of clothing for our youngest for right now just entering her 2T outfits, and even got to organize clothing for her up to 4-5T! I was also able to organize a bin for our second son to grow into. I think his brother must have skipped his current and next size though because there just weren’t any there!  (wouldn’t surprise me at all since our oldest has grown another inch in the last 2 months!)

I am SO looking forward to seeing all this leave our home, it won’t come back in, what doesn’t sell will be donated.

We also got all our signage today… I’m being a bit of a cheapo and not paying for advertisement in the paper because I’m part of our village annual sale and already listed on their map so the traffic should be great anyway. I may put something on Craigslist so people know about some of our bigger items.

Are you purging any this year? It’s a daunting thing to go through all our possessions and put them out for others to pick through and haggle us for, but it is needed in every home and much more often than every three years! 🙂

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