Unloading baggage.

I’m having a yard sale next weekend! I think I’ve only ever had one before and that was at least 3 years ago. We’ve moved 3 times since then!

I’ve been working for months on sorting through boxes and have probably almost cut our stored boxes in half. I bet if I went through them again I could find a few more things, but I was pretty strict with myself in what could stay. Today I brought down 6 medium boxes of old kids clothes and a BIG box (like small garment size) of toys from upstairs and found a whole tub of clothes that our youngest can wear right now! Yay! She’s super excited that some of the shirts have kitties on them. 🙂

We’ll be selling two desks, lots of toys and clothing, maybe some carpet remnants, cappuccino machine, and so many more things I can’t even remember at the moment! It’s going to be a lot less to have to ever unpack again, load or unload from another moving truck, or wonder if we should keep it for that “one day” that we remember why we should have. Ha!

I gave myself a small paper ream box to keep aside any of the kids clothes I just can’t bear to part with yet, I have ideas for them, or the sentiment is still just too strong. I think it’s important to be realistic and not expect all feelings to be able to be turned off when looking through boxes.

Now, the pricing will start this weekend I guess. I was thinking about most of the clothes being $1.00, except onesies and such. Have you had a yard sale? Any tips for me?

I have read that I should have things on tables and not on the ground, I agree it makes it easier to look through, but this is a lot of stuff. Should I take my kitchen table out for putting piles on? I have a small folding table but the kids really want to try to sell lemonade or cookies and would need that if so.

Should I have each piece of clothing priced or just say it’s so much unless otherwise marked?

Oh, I guess it’s safe to say this part… this is now a moving sale for us! We have been given permission by the big wigs in this area to transfer to Florida, we don’t know the exact location or timing yet, but we are excited to see what God does.

One response

  1. My suggestion about the clothes would be to set a price per item unless otherwise marked. If it gets close to the end of your day and someone is interested in a big pile of the cloths offer a bag and say they can have what fits in it for a certain price (maybe $3.00 depending on the size of the bag). Just a few thoughts! Hope that helps! Hugs!

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