My Homeschool Brain

This is the first must have purchase for me each summer, I LOVE the Well Planned Day Homeschool Planner!

Here’s why I love this planner:

1. It’s for up to four students… perfect for our family!

2. There are small boxes  inside each frame that you write your task in for that subject, I can use that for checking off that it was completed, or use it for recording the grade earned for quick reference when doing evaluations.

3. There is space at the top of each column for me to write my husband’s schedule for that day in so that I know if he’ll be available to help or what meals I’ll be providing for him. 🙂

4. It is visually appealing to me! I love the design.

5. There is a month at a glance followed by the week outlooks for the “big picture” planning like field trips, vacations, when state reports are due, and all that other family life stuff you need to know is happening in order to realistically plan their school days.

6. Perforated shopping list sheets!

7. Annual budgets, birthdays, contact information for your groups or new homeschool contacts.

8. I love that it runs from July to June of each year! Much more user-friendly than a basic wall calendar.

9. There are verses of encouragement on each page

10. There are designated spots for Bible, Math, History, Science, and English… AND there are additional rows under those for subjects that change or disciplines to work on… like art, music, handwriting practice, foreign language, etc..

There are also report cards that you can fill out for your student. I haven’t used this feature yet, but may eventually. Sometimes there are discounts or freebies for the students if they show their report card and as homeschoolers, we don’t always have that ability.

I haven’t even covered every feature that these planners have, just my favorite! The binding is durable and has never bunched on me or unravelled.

This planner is my brain, I really try to keep it open on the counter most of the time… unless I really need the room or we are done for the day! We were just doing some planning yesterday and I ran out of planner so my husband said it’s time to get next years! woohoo! Things in the north country come alive starting in May so we have at least 2 field trips a month and other activities we can’t do in our long winter months, we need to keep it all straight and in one location, and this is what has worked for us for 3 years now.

I am having major issues with banners and links with any of my sponsors, here is the website where you can further learn about this planner, they have a digital version coming soon too! eeeck!

(the links to the product I just applauded are affiliate links, in full disclosure) 🙂

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