Walking and Talking

So, I promise, I am going to get to my favorite homeschool resources and sharing those with you. Today was a beautiful day and the kids and I went on two walks today, one with just us, and one with their daddy when we finished dinner.

It’s the first walk that I’d like to share with you.

I love taking walks. I love the scenery, the birds, the possibility of seeing different creatures (we’ve seen deer, turkey, skunk, geese, & rabbits here) and of course just being able to stroll and chat with someone you care about.

Today the kids just didn’t get it when I said “walk” and before I knew it they were on their bikes, this does not make chatting or animal spotting easy. About 3/4 a mile into it, my oldest got off his bike and walked beside me. I told him I thought that was a wise decision. It led us to be able to see some birds together, and dancing butterflies, and to talk. You know what he asked me? He asked me if I ever regretted having or wish that I didn’t have children. WoW. I wasn’t hurt by the question, it was legitimate, we’ve had some tough moments and I haven’t been the picture of grace that I would love to be. I immediately told him the truth though, NO, I have never wished I didn’t have them in my life. I have wished for more peace, more obedience, less struggles, more ease of stages happening when they are supposed to happen, and so on, but I would not change anything about my 4 blessings in my life. They are blessings, gifts from a God that knew I would be stretched so my hands would reach for Him, and knocked down so my knees would acknowledge His presence and peace, and filled with nostalgia at many moments of their precious lives so I could be thankful for His wisdom in gifting them to me.

I told him all this, and I told him that yes, there have been moments in our lives together that I haven’t liked them very much because of behaviors or attitudes, but that I always know and so should they, that I love them no matter what. Each frustration and victory lead us closer together and help us see how much the Father loves us, despite of us.

I love moms, I think we are each unique and yet so very similar. We often struggle with our own emotions concerning our kids; how we are doing, if we have failed, should we be doing more… there are so many battles in our minds. Too many times we feel alone in a struggle or feel like we are the only one that has ever experienced these different seasons in raising our children. I try to be as transparent as others can handle. 😉 (Or that I suppose I trust them to handle)

Every mothers day all I ask for is that the children love each other, and show that they love God by their living in obedience and peace with each other, and never stop loving and cuddling on me no matter how big they get.

I love being a mom, it is hard, and I don’t recall being told it would be so hard, but it is also rewarding. Even after a rough day I love looking at their photos while their sleeping and smiling at the thought of getting to see them again in the morning.

Love on them everyday, forgive them fast, ask for forgiveness immediately, assume the best from them, listen wholly, hug and kiss often, pray for and with them,  and take time for time with God daily.

The last thing I shared with him was that he should know that if I am extra grumpy one day it is more than likely that I have not had my special time with God and His word that I needed in order to hold a right perspective on the days events.

Before the walk was over, both boys were walking with me and the stroller and loving talking together. Thank you Lord for tender hearts and beautiful walks!

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