Taking Time to Wait

This is the time of year that home school families all over seem to be evaluating, re-evaluating, and shopping for new curriculum. I am one of those, with an exception.

I have decided to give myself time this year and not rush into any decisions that may not be the best fit for our children, I am also paring down our current schoolroom as it seems to overwhelm me as the teacher and so logically, my students are overwhelmed by the room and NONE of us are as productive as my planner says we should be.

I have been getting catalogs, and looking through them, but without any concern over needing to pick something at this moment. I am attending the Home Educators Association of Virginia Homeschool Convention that takes place June 6-9, in Richmond, VA. I am SO looking forward to this!

As I have been looking at our year, I am compiling things I love that have worked well for us and trying to keep those ideas and resources in one notebook just in case something happens and John needs to know what makes our homeschool tick in rhythm. I will be doing short blogs over the next few days of what items we love and will keep incorporating. I’d love for you to share your must-haves too!

Here is a link to the homeschool convention  I will be attending. Let me know if you will be coming too!

(the link above is just for your information, it is not an affiliate link, I just want to spread the word.) 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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