Taco Ring

A very good friend of mine visited a few years back for a roommate reunion at my home and introduced us to this fun dinner dish.

It’s a very simple dish; a pound of ground beef or ground turkey with the appropriate amount of taco seasoning (per your seasonings per lb instructions)

1 tube of crescent rolls

shredded cheddar cheese, we use sharp. About 2 cups.

We doubled this recipe when we had the reunion and everyone gobbled it up, it still is a sure-fire win dinner that is easy and quick to prepare for our family too.

It’s beautiful when done and so fun to eat! Change up taco night and give it a try! (you can add onions or whatever else you want, we just keep things simple with 4 children’s pallets to please)

This picture shows how to line up your crescents into a wreath shape, and placing the mixture. It’s really easiest to use your hands to mix all the meat and cheese and then form it on top of the crescents.

Once your loaded up starting wrapping your points around the mixture, go at a bit of an angle. I take the extra and fold it up to “fill in the gaps”. You want to cinch it together just a little so it cooks together.

Voila! The finished taco wreath! I bake as the crescent package says too, your mixture is already cooked and the cheese will easily melt in that time. Make sure it’s browned, it may mean a few more minutes than the package says.

Eat up!



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