All in this together

In our 12 years of marriage, 13 this July, we have lived in many places and our experiences in those places and that took us from those places have often been more difficult for others to understand and trust God through than they have been for us. It makes sence, sometimes we saw things coming that were a shock to others, sometimes a curve was thrown to us and God gave us peace in it that can’t be explained. Don’t get me wrong, we have had many moments of asking God if we did something wrong, made the wrong decision somewhere, but you know what, even if we did, He knew we would and is still in control. We just have to trust Him at His word, that He will provide, He can carry our burdens, and His plans for us are for good, not evil.

We are at a point right now where we can see ahead the possibility of a storm developing or a blind hill before a turn ahead. Because we see it and live it, we have the advantage of being the first to fall at God’s throne and ask for wisdom and mercy and grace to travel through it completely dependent on HIM. This is a wonderful experience, to see possibilities and lay them at His feet and walk away with the peace that no matter what it is ahead, He has it and us in His loving hands. To pray for wisdom daily before we are faced with major decisions so we can trust His soft voice when the time comes and we need to choose is a wonderful release of stress.

All that said, what I seem to struggle with the most in our own personal trials of life is helping others through it too. Our lives aren’t just about the 6 of us, things that happen to us affect those that love us and pray for us as well and they need information and time to process that information. I must remember that they are hearing what has, is, or is about to happen after we have known about it and given it over to God. It is only natural to wonder why we seem to not care, we do care, and we want the best, correction, we want God’s best for our family so we just really have to let go and allow God to use anything that comes our way to draw us closer to Him, and bring glory to Him, and hopefully, make a difference in eternity’s light.

I’m thankful to have so many that genuinely care for us and love us and also want God’s best for us. I wish sometimes I could help others not worry, but I can’t flip that switch so I pray they will follow our beaten path to the throne of God and leave our burdens that they try to carry in worry in our pile that is already there. Daily I have to go back and leave more bundles of fear, worry, frustration, things I need forgiveness for at His feet, the walk is sweet the love is indescribable and the closer communion after that walk is one of peace of mind and heart.

God has always, always provided our needs! Sometimes His timing seems slow to me, but He knows better than I do for sure!

Have you followed us on our journey? Here are the turns at a glance:

1999-2000 Chattanooga, TN

2000-2003 Mesquite, TX (Ethan born 2002)

2003-2004 Boissevain, VA (miscarriage)

2004 Roanoke, VA (7 months)

2005-2006 Charlottesville, VA (Luke born 2005)

2006 Lynchburg, VA (almost 2 months in a hotel)

2006-2007 North Charleston, SC (John was told to go to Pooler, GA right after we moved in so he came home on weekends for the first 5 months!)

2007-2008 Midlothian, VA (Chloe born 2007)

2008-2009 Macon, GA

2009-2010 Midlothian, VA and Richmond, VA (Sophie born 2010, one month after we moved from the house to apartment, one month early)

2010-2011 Watertown, NY

2011-current Sackets Harbor, NY

Next…. we don’t know yet, but we know it’s coming one way or another and as long as God has it, we’re good with it. We’d just like to squat somewhere south and stay put for more than 2 years. 🙂

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  1. Oh, Michele, I can relate with this so much, as you know. I’m praying for you, my friend, knowing that God has a plan and is at work and will continue to use you everywhere He takes you. (((hugs)))

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