Mt. Vernon, VA

We went to visit George Washington’s place! It’s sad how many people don’t know that Mt. Vernon is his home and say it’s Thomas Jefferson’s!

I have fun memories of playing in the mansion front yard with school friends and was amazed that I really remembered nothing else about the place except the way the front looked, playing in the yard, and the gift shop! Ha!

What a day! I would recommend finding a hotel and making this a two-day event, simply because there is SO much to take in!  We did it in one day, but the kids really didn’t pay attention to the museum as much as I would have liked. It’s a more recent part of the experience and excellently done! It starts with how we are trying to use science for facial mapping of George Washington, did you know that we don’t actually know exactly what he looked like? He moved somewhere around 7 times before he was 12 and I got a kick out of that since we have moved 13 times in 12 years.  (No pictures are allowed to be taken in the museum or mansion, sorry!)

We saw the ration of clothing that the slaves received for the year and were amazed, learned about his fishing adventures, gardening, and his life and death in the mansion. He was a loved president with great vision for the country, without political party cares. The people wanted him to be our King, but in his wisdom he saw that this was only going to lead back to the lifestyle they left in England and did not accept. Thank you Mr. Washington!

The mansion is undergoing renovations and the front was covered completely for the work being done so that was a bummer, but the kids found a bush to play in and had a great time!

We went down by the river and enjoyed the breeze and the view of the gardens.

The kids enjoyed seeing the animals too, they had new baby piglets that were fun to see too!

Mt. Vernon has a quest for kids map that while going through the property the children are to take note and look for answers, when they turn it in at the gift shop they got a souvenier smashed penny of Mt. Vernon… we happen to collect those so that was great!

George Washington died quickly in his own bedroom and the custom then was for the widow to move to another room of the house at her husbands passing and shut their bedroom door for good. So sad! Martha went upstairs to an attic bedroom and people said she never had the same spark about her. She died not long after George of what seems to have been a broken heart. Poor Martha! I definitely did not remember or know that part of their story.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about Mt. Vernon and I encourage you to make it a family day or field trip sometime soon, they encouraged us to come back for their Christmas festivities, I bet it would be beautiful!! Although I think the flowers in the spring and summer are worth the trip too. 🙂

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