Breakfast Calzone… or Pie… just mmmm good!

This morning cereal just wouldn’t do!

I checked the fridge and only had 4 eggs, not enough for a family of 6. Hmmmm… or is it? (finger tapping on chin) 😉

I LOVE breakfast pizza, but haven’t had it in a long time or been brave enough to try it I guess. Since I have had success with my sausage pinwheels made with crescents, I decided to use another tube of crescents (actually 2!) and those 4 eggs and a few different cheeses to try something new!

Here’s what I did…

  1. Lay flat one rolled out crescent sheet (without separating the triangles)
  2. Tore up one piece of swiss cheese and put the pieces spread out on the rectangle dough (I was afraid to use too much, sometimes swiss can be bitter when melted)
  3. Sprinkled my remaining ½lb of sausage that was leftover from Tuesday’s breakfast pinwheels
  4. Cooked my scrambled eggs whisked with milk just until they were fluffy and not wet (not browned and over-cooked)I also added a little pepper… shhh, don’t tell my kids!
  5. Spread my eggs on top of the sausage
  6. Sprinkled with half a handful of sharp cheddar shredded cheese
  7. Sprinkled with about a handful of mexican blend shredded cheese
  8. Top with ANOTHER crescent sheet and pinch the sides closed… it’s almost like a breakfast pie or calzone! mmmm

Cooked at 350° for about 19 minutes (I started watching it by 15)

This was SO good, that at first sight my two-year old was afraid of the “different” that it represented, but she had seconds!

My 9-year-old asked me to cook it everyday, and all the rest gobbled it up and truly enjoyed it. And we had leftover!


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