It’s February, how are your new goals coming?

I was thinking last night, as I do every night when my head hits the pillow and thousands of thoughts suddenly pour through my mind. I was thinking about how that book on my nightstand that was suppose to be done last month is still sitting there waiting for me to finish it. I do enjoy reading, but time has not allowed much extensive reading beyond the length of a magazine article for me for a couple of children now.

I made myself a pretty rigorous (for me) reading schedule this year and I am of course behind.

My sweet husband reminds me that usually when my personal goals are behind it is because the children are excelling in school work, we are learning new crafts and life skills, or I have been achieving other must-do’s that weren’t written down. So sweet of a man I have! I am thankful that he is so automatic to only see the good I’ve done and doesn’t get upset when the dishes get stacked (again) by the sink to get to… sometime.

But he’s right! We have been accomplishing much in our homeschool studies and started some spanish lessons in with our daily do’s too. We’ve also been learning how to make candles and soaps that are natural and safe. I look forward to sharing those creative days when we put what we’re learning “in the pot” and come out with beautiful hand made trophies of life-skills!

We have also been busy with I suppose what could be called spring cleaning. We’ve almost completed going through all the boxes in the basement that have made it a couple of moves without much of a look. We have thrown out 5 bags of trash, shredded almost a whole box of papers, and have about 14 boxes of clothes and other misc. in a go through and sell or donate section. It’s a LOT but it has needed done, and feels so good to be getting rid of things.

We are in prayer to make big life changes in the coming weeks or months and it’s important that while we wait for the Lord to open the right doors and show us His design for our steps that we prepare. Prepare in prayer daily, grow in wisdom through His word daily, cast off the things that are holding us back daily- be it sin, a discontented heart, or just the physical stuff that slows us from going when He says GO!

So, my goals, while they aren’t happening in the written order that I may have planned, are gradually coming along and more important things like those the Lord places on our hearts are being done in their stead. I’ll accept that willingly!

Have a Blessed Day,



2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV)

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

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  1. Shell, you are a great example of a good homeschool mom. You are creative and your kids are learning and thriving…not an easy task especially with 4 kids and a house to maintain and husband to care for. I am proud of you and enjoy reading all that you are doing and realizing more that I can do. My mother-in-law says a clean house with small children means one of two things:1) the kids are being neglected for what isn’t as important or 2) you’ve hired a nanny, chef, choufer, nurse, and maid. Love ya and love reading your blog!!

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