Sausage and Cheese Crescent Pinwheels! mmmm

I love trying new things and having them turn out delicious!

I don’t know that this is in any of my cookbooks but I had the idea one day when I had company over and needed something easy to make and savory to eat for even the picky little ones.

This recipe uses shredded cheese (I used sharp, but I’m sure any favorite would work!), 1 container of crescent rolls, and about a 1/2 lb of browned ground sausage.

This is the sausage and cheese layed out on top of the rolled out crescents.

Leave a little edge on the top and bottom for the roll start and close up.

I believe I did mist my pan (even though with cresents you don’t have to) I was concerned that the cheese would make it hard to get off.

Start making your cuts, I did mine about an inch thick.

Now you are ready to bake them! I used the temperature and time settings on the crescent packaging. Make sure to pay attention to the temperature difference if you are using a dark or nonstick pan, I always use the lower temp. Set your timer and when times up check and make sure they are lightly browned to yummy perfection. 😉

Here’s my finished product! And they were all very well enjoyed by all!

Happy Baking!

ps… I browned the whole lb of sausage but only used about half of it. We love browned meat so it was eaten on the side with eggs anyway.

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