Our version of the Homeschool Workboxes

I have some friends that use workboxes in their homeschool rooms for their days to go smoothly and the kids to know exactly what is expected from that day.

The amount of time it all takes is really up to the student’s heart to do the work and do it with their best effort the first time.

I LOVE the idea of workboxes but just couldn’t justify the cost and space of the system in it’s original plan. I actually have the room in our current home to set up a nice drawer system for the kids but again, the cost comes into play, and the reality that this isn’t a forever home and the next one may be smaller sets in.

So what to do? I still felt like I needed something for both myself and the kids to know exactly what was on board to be done that day, and not just in a list form, but out and ready as much as possible so that they each have a personal responsibility in getting things done, even if our “baby” of the family is having a tough or cuddle kind of day that keeps mom busy elsewhere.

My solution was using some of what we have on hand and spending $17 on pocket packs at Target! (I believe I started with 13) They are file pockets that velcro shut and have hole punches to keep easily in a notebook. I am so very thankful I found these and never would have thought of them on my own!

Our kids each have a different color in their notebook and chose the paper for the cover, I had some $1 sticker sheets from a long time ago left over so we used those for the names.

Our oldest son’s independent work station. His notebook is on the top shelf and each child has a black bin at their space, the top bin is where they put the finished work. (although if you don’t already have these bins, they can always put the completed work in the notebook pocket.

We each have a notebook (except the almost 2 year old), and the kids do very well with this system and have enjoyed knowing how close they are to being done for the day.

I have a notebook labeled family time, as much of our study is done all together, like History, Science, Bible, and Reading/phonics.

I can fit their smaller books in the folders, sometimes it may just have a sheet of paper saying… “play monopoly” or something randomly fun like that.

This system gives me the ability to spend a short amount of time each day or evening restocking their notebooks and mine for the next day and double checking my planner to make sure I have it all in where I should. I have learned many times over the years that I tend to overestimate how much work they can handle or we will have time to get done, so these notebooks have been helpful in keeping me in check with reality, especially if it’s experiment day!

The kiddos hard at work, our daughter was on her least favorite task and actually tried to hide it in the pile of completed papers! ha!

Yes, 2 of them are in their pj’s, it’s one of their fav perks about homeschooling!

Hope I’ve inspired some that have been looking for a way to be more structured yet still having all the fun stuffed in too!


5 responses

  1. I didn’t know you blogged! I love the idea of workboxes too but couldn’t justify the space and time. Your idea looks more managable. I’m always looking for how to do this better. I may have to try this.

    • I just started blogging, it is still very very new to me. It’s a work in progress (the blog and the notebooks!), I’m sure something will change or be added to them, but for now, I am pleased to have these extensions of me telling them what needs done. 😉

  2. Shell, love the idea of the “boxes” . How does it work as far as tests…do they go in the binders aspart of their work for the day? And do you just let the kids do their work at their pace and check it all when it’s done?

    • We don’t do many formal tests here, but quizzes in math will just be in their notebooks. I think if it was a test that I wanted to sit in on and make sure to be there for, I’d need to put it in my family time notebook to be done at the table.
      As for the kids doing their work at their pace, that is the goal, we are still training them in the discipline needed to see a task and complete it though. I am usually in the room for questions or to make sure the go back and do that whole section they just skipped over…. yea, it happens. We try to check as we go, but sometimes I do look at parts on my own later.

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